Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guest Blogger Kristen Randle

We went to the Farmer’s Market again, this time just to get pictures so we could share the love. Well, you know – ostensibly, that’s the reason why we were there. But going to a live market is a little like “visiting” puppies: we go, thinking in our infinite naiveté that we can look and leave empty handed. Ha. We came away from the market poor in bucks, but with plenty of bootie: fresh, plump, firm and juicy peaches, more felt delights, semi-precious stones bought from the people who’d cut and polished and wire wrapped them, mango ice pops.

Chaz, in a lovely pose, sampling the gourmet breads and dips. The really lively dips.


A random child, looking for mithril armor. The craftsman, in the blue shirt, swears that this is the real deal.

Dru, setting up her booth. She and her husband have a business: Rocks - we dig ‘em. They dig, cut, polish (also buy from exotic locales) then drill, set, wrap. We spent an hour just here.

I will give my daughter to the first man who brings us a load of opals - daughter’s fave


Wire wrapped cabochons

The necklace I did NOT sneak back an buy for Chaz.

I bought those peaches, there, just under the guy’s hand. Rachel says that these guys have the best produce at the best prices. Note the mangos. Before you go, call and we’ll tell you where to find them.

Chaz, perusing Old Man’s Books -

The band. Like an idiot, I cut out the drummer, who is great. No look on his face. Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts. The guy on the stool there sounds just exactly the way you think he’s gonna. Last week, he did Sittin’ on the Dock of a Bay and pretty much forgot all the words. But it was mellow. The rest of these guys are just eye candy.

The lovely Noah (really, I’d have to write it in Chinese), with her stunning smile and her fabulous felted confections. She is SOOOOO cute. Chaz and I are fangirls for her.

Look at this stuff - all felt. I need to take closer pictures. This stuff is truly elegant.

She does Chinese food and pastry. Honestly, I want to eat it all. I wish the pictures did it justice.

And these little bamboo slips. Oy.

Last week, these guys had a raft of herbs. I just touched their lavender, and the scent stayed with me all day. Nice for me, not so good for Chaz, who is allergic -

The local wood carvers’ guild

Chaz helpfully points out her favorite one

Buying real things from real people

My gosh - it’s just a little place, just one sidewalk along the south side of Pioneer Park. But going there - I don’t know. You just feel like you’ve been to a real - market.

Okay. I have to put a THE END here somewhere. But the place will be there again next Saturday. If you wanna go. Try a mango pop. Buy a felt napoleon, or a plate full of felt shrimp and soy beans. And if you do that last thing? Tell Noah we sent you.

Editor's Note: Kristen Randle and her husband own a recording studio. They have four children, five horses, two dogs, and a website.

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